Diba Ceyisakar

Her interest in the natural elements of the world combined with her love for design has evolved into Diba Jewellery. Under the teachings of Sertac Bayraktar and Lokman Kurshuni, she improved her work at the Murano artistic design center. Her experiences and unique style has allowed her to excel as both a businesswoman and designer along with her brand, Diba Jewellery. Her workshop which was established in 2015 is the hearth of each piece of glass jewellery, all handcrafted and detailed. She continues to improve her style and unique pieces of jewelry, each one of a kind. In June of 2016, her exhibition titled “ELEMENT” has showcased her unique pieces of work. Her main goal with each product is to make it as personalized as possible. With the sizes, colors and styles, the pieces of jewellery exposed the person's energy and personality. She has created a brand that is incredibly authentic and one of a kind, each piece being handcrafted. Her timeless work has created a modern flavour for a traditional form of jewellery art.

“Design is for people who wish to feel authentic.”- Diba Ceyisakar

Diba Ceyisakar
Gunay Kalkan

GUnay Kalkan

Gunay’s interest in fashion and jewellery design has evolved and expanded through each course she took, allowing her to explore the world of glass design and lead her to join Diba Glass Workshop in 2008. Since then, she has started working for Diba Jewellery (established in 2015) and has improved her work as a unique glass jewellery artist, creating many breathtaking designs. She continues to work with Diba to this day, creating wonderful pieces of detailed glass jewellery.



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